The experiential networking training program


What's The Mocktail?

The Mocktail is a unique, networking training exercise that simulates the real life situation of attending a cocktail reception or other business event. It provides you with opportunities to practice and hone a variety of skills involved in “working a room” and then attend a debrief training session.

Just like a real networking reception network, The Mocktail is attended by people from a variety of industries. Food and beverages are served, so it may appear to be just a fun, party setting for the training session. But in addition to enjoying themselves, participants have a task: to network. Their goals are to meet people, find the other people in the room with whom their profiles “connect,” identify needs and provide value where they can.

Participants receive Mocktail materials for the training event: a name tag, a set of business cards and a profile. The name tag identifies the attendees' real names and their Mocktail profile titles/positions. Each of our distinct 175 Mocktail profiles contains basic facts about the participant and his or her job, family and interests.

The focus of The Mocktail is on forging and furthering relationships. The use of Mocktail profiles helps teach participants to be authentic in connecting with others, since each one is strategically designed to have a number of things in common with others in the room.

At the beginning of The Mocktail, our expert trainers-facilitators welcome the group and explain the “rules.” Once the exercise begins, they circulate throughout the room listening to conversations and observing behaviors. The Mocktail networking lasts between 40-60 minutes, depending on group size. Then, the facilitators engage in a debrief and and discussion based on their observations. They share best practices, what was effective, and what skills could be improved. Participants have the opportunity to ask for guidance on what they find most challenging and get specific, practical suggestions in response.